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Dear Jewish Friends

Dear Christians
Dear Skeptics

The Invisible Enemy
Paradox of Paradoxes

The Greatest Artist
Disproving the Bible

Image of Monkeys
Six Days of Creation

The Big Bang
75 Prophecies of the Messiah

His Identity
Finding a Shepherd

Doctrinal Statement
Survey of Acts

Baptism of the Holy Spirit
The Existence of God

The False Messiah
His Resurrection

Debates With Skeptics

FAQ about Creation

Evolution debate
Atheist debate

Bible debate
Response to a Jewish Scientist

Debate with a skeptic

Cults and Isms

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A Close Call

The Station
Kid's Letters to God

His Identity
His Resurrection

Bible Gems Archives

 Gems 100-199

Gems 200-299
Messianic Prophecies
Gem 100- Born in Bethlehem  
Gem 101- The Writings of Jesus
Gem 102- Mule Rider
Gem 103- The Value of Yahweh
Gem 104- Crushing Stone
Gem 105- Daniel Predicted the Exact Day
Gem 106- David's Vision of the Crucifixion
Claims of a Jewish Carpenter
Gem 107- The Power of the Jewish Carpenter
Gem 108- The Words of the Jewish Carpenter
Gem 109- The Identity of the Jewish Carpenter
Gem 110- The Prophecy of the Jewish Carpenter
Gem 111- The Flashlight of a Jewish Carpenter
Gem 112- The Trial of a Jewish Carpenter
Gem 113- The Promise of a Jewish Carpenter
Gem 114- Have You Read the Best Selling Book of All Time?
Gem 115- Amazing Bible Prophecies
Gem 116- Messianic Prophecies
Gem 117- Crying Stones
Gem 118- Can Science and the Bible Co-exist?
Gem 119- Floody Waters
Gem 120- Did Jesus Really Evolve From a Monkey?
The Messiah In Eternity
Gem 121- What Bible Verse Predates Genesis 1:1?
Gem 122- The Simple Cell
Gem 123- An Eternal Cousin
Gem 124- Stone Throwers
Gem 125- Paul Disagrees with the Jehovah Witnesses
Gem 126- The Atom Holder & Seven Things Christ Was Doing
               In Pre-Eternity
His Last Week
Gem 127- His Last Monday
Gem 128- His Last Tuesday
Gem 129- His Last Wednesday
Gem 130- His Last Thursday
Gem 131- His Last Friday
Gem 132- His Last Saturday
Gem 133- His Last Sunday
Gems From Genesis
Gem 134- In the Beginning
Gem 135- The First Prophecy
Gem 136- Adam's Rib
Gem 137- Coats of Skin
Gem 138- A Bloody God
Gem 139- The First Rapture
Gem 140- Why did God allow Methuselah to live so long?
Gem 141- 3000 Year Old Prophecy of Moses
Gem 142- Birthpangs of the Messiah
Gem 143- The Russian Bear
Questions About The Flood
Gem 144- Why 200 Flood Stories?
Gem 145- Hungry Tigers
Gem 146- Dinosaurs on Noah's Ark?
Gem 147- Mini-Ice Age
Gem 148- $1000 Reward
Gem 149- Where Did All The Water Go?
Gem 150- The One Who Knows
Daniel and the Skeptics
Gem 151- The First Kingdom
Gem 152- The Second Kingdom
Gem 153- The Third Kingdom
Gem 154- The Fourth Kingdom
Gem 155- Encyclopedia Britannica Disagrees with the Skeptics
Gem 156- More Skeptic Blunders
Gem 157- Who Really Wrote The Book of Daniel?
Jesus is Yahweh
Gem 158- The Name of God
Gem 159- Sin Remover
Gem 160- Jesus is Jehovah
Gem 161- Grave Robber
Gem 162- Dumb Sheep
Gem 163- The Glory of Yahweh
Gem 164- The First and The Last
Levitical Economics
Gem 165- A Nation of Slaves
Gem 166- The Day Of Jubilee
Gem 167- Yahweh's Poverty Program
Gem 168- Yahweh's Slave Program
Gem 169- Yahweh's Slave Protection Laws
Gem 170- The Blood of Jesus
Gem 171- Bloody Ear
Historicity of Jesus
Gem 172- Josephus
Gem 173- Tacitus
Gem 174- Lucian of Samosta & Seutonis
Gem 175- Pliny the Younger & Phlegon
Gem 176- Tertullian
Science and the Bible
Gem 177- Flat Earth Society
Gem 178- Rotating Earth
Gem 179- 3000 Stars
Gem 180- Gravity Mentioned 4000 Years Before Isaac Newton
Gem 181- $2.98 Worth of Dust
Gem 182- The Seventh Star
Gem 183- Water in Space
His Second Coming
Gem 184- A Point Blank Question & Birthpangs of the Messiah
Gem 185- When Will Jesus Come Back?
Gem 186- The Purpose of the Great Tribulation
Gem 187- The False Messiah
Gem 188- Israel Repents
The Rapture
Gem 189- The Doctrine of Immenecy
Gem 190- An Early Return
Gem 191- Rapture Differences
Gem 192- The Mystery
Gem 193- The Restrainer
Gem 194- World minus Holy Spirit = Great Tribulation
The Samaritian Prostitute
Gem 195- The Unclean Woman
Gem 196- A Despised Jew
Gem 197- A Prophet
Gem 198- The Messiah
Gem 199- The Samaritian Testimony
The First Antichrist
Gem 200- Your Genealogy
Gem 201- The First World Leader
Gem 202- The Mighty Hunter of Babylon
Gem 203- The First Language
Gem 204- The First Pyramid
Gem 205- The Gospel in the Stars
Gem 206- The Riddle of the Sphinx
Gem 207- Who Named the Stars?
Gem 208- The Rebels
Gem 209- The Next World Leader
Gem 210- The Trinity in Genesis
Gem 211- The Truth About Cavemen
Jesus and the Adulteress
Gem 213- Double Standard
Gem 214- Trapping a Deity
Gem 215- Dust Writer
Gem 216- Foolish Wisdom
Handling Skeptics
Gem 217- Jesus and the Skeptics
Gem 218- Intellectual Difficulties
Gem 219- How God Handles Skeptics
Gem 220- Stairway to Heaven
Gem 221- Six Signs of the Messiah
Gem 222- Heart Problems
Gem 223- Bible Judges
Bible Mistakes
Gem 224- Hanging of Judas
Gem 225- Discipline in the Early Church
Gem 226- Hearing Problems
Gem 227- Vision of a Blindman
Gem 228- The Wicked God of the Old Testament
Answering The Skeptics
Gem 229- A Drink for Christmas
Gem 230- Who is Twisting the Scriptures?
Gem 231- Age of Accountability
Gem 232- Dividing Light From Darkness
Gem 233- 259,200 Seconds
Gem 234- Johnny-come-lately Virgin Bashers
Gem 235- Cain & Abel's Sisters
Spiritual Principles
Gem 236- Power of the Sabbath
Gem 237- The Boss of Bosses
Gem 238- Greater Things Than Jesus
Gem 239- Demonology
Gem 240- Blessed Curses
Gem 241- The Bride of Christ
Gem 242- Man's Standards
Gem 243- Rippling the Spiritual World
The Forbidden Chapter
Gem 244- Ethiopian Question
Gem 245- The Exalted Servant
Gem 246- The Disfigured Servant
Gem 247- The Servant with the Bloody Finger
Gem 248- The Suffering Servant
Gem 249- The Servant's Environment
Gem 250- The Servant's Appearance
Gem 251- The Despised Servant
Gem 252- The Afflicted Servant
Gem 253- The Pierced Servant
Gem 254- The Iniquity of the Servant
Gem 255- The Rejected Servant
Gem 256- The Servant's Death
Gem 257- The Servant's Burial
Gem 258- The Servant as a Guilt Offering
Gem 259- The Servant's Resurrection
Gem 260- The Servant's Intercession
Gem 261- What did the Rabbi say?
Gem 262- The Origin of Halloween
Gem 263- Ancient Halloween Customs
Gem 264- American Halloween Customs
Gem 265- European Halloween Customs
Gem 266- Maryology
Gem 267- Eternal Virgin?
Gem 268- A Sinless Mary?
Gem 269- Co-Redeemer with Christ?
Seven Feasts of Israel
Gem 270- Seven Feast of Israel
Gem 271- Passover
Gem 272- Unleavened Bread
Gem 273- First Fruits
Gem 274- Pentecost
Gem 275- Feast of Trumpets
Gem 276- Day of Atonement
Gem 277- Feast of Tabernacles
Gem 278- Feast of Dedication
Hebrew Nuggets
Gem 279- The Trinity in Creation
Gem 280- Rabbi Errors
Gem 281- The Gospel in Genesis
Gem 282- The Gospel in the Twelve Tribes
The Birth of Yahweh
Gem 283- Why Doesn't God Show Himself
Gem 284- Paradox of Paradoxes
Gem 285- The Last Sentence of the Old Testament
Gem 286- Yahweh's Messenger
Gem 287- Cradle Visitor
The Millennial Kingdom
Gem 288- Sabbath Day = Millennial Kingdom
Gem 289- 7000 Year plan of God
Gem 290- Second Generation Theology
Gem 291- A Jewish Desire
Gem 292- Satan's Pardon
Gem 293- Eschatology During The Reformation
Gem 294- Tabernacles in the 7000 year
Gem 295- Why a Lunar Calendar?
Gem 296- A Bad Time to Take a Nap
Gem 297- The Fourth Day
Gem 298- Why did God create an evening and a day?
Gem 299- Olam Hazeh

 Gems 300-363

Gems 364-499

Yahweh's Harlot
Gem 300- Yahweh's Harlot
Gem 301- Philosophy of a Doomed Race
Gem 302- An Eleven Day Trip
Gem 303- The Canaanite Mind Set
Gem 304- The Scarlet Thread
Gem 305- A General's General
Gem 306- Fighting an Invisible Enemy
Gem 307- Yahweh's Battle Plan
Gem 308- The Trumpet and shout of Joshua
Gem 309- The Shout of Yeshua
Gem 310- A challenge to Skeptics
Jehovah Witnesses
Gem 311- Final Authority
Gem 312- "a god?"
Gem 313- Jesus is Jehovah
Gem 314- all (other) things
Gem 315- Active Force

Gem 316- The Jesus of Islam
Gem 317- Yahweh's Entrance
Gem 318- Trinity Blasphemers
Gem 319- False Prophet
Gem 320- Culture Worship
Gem 321- Vedas Earthquakes
Gem 322- Sacred Cows
Gem 323- Beatle Hymns
Gem 324- "...all is god?"

Gem 325- A Religion For Those Who Love Sin?

Gem 326- The False Angel
Gem 327- The False Prophets
Gem 328- Multiple Gods
Gem 329- Prejudice
Gem 330- Mormon Salvation

The Resurrection of Lazarus
Gem 331- The Mortal Enemy
Gem 332- A Short One
Gem 333- Three Words
Gem 334- Testimony of His Enemies
Gem 335- Divine Irony

Evidences of the Resurrection
Gem 336- The Apex of History
Gem 337- A Reliable Bible
Gem 338- Why Did Rome Fall?
Gem 339- His First Appearance
Gem 340- The Testimony of Cowards
Gem 341- Hills and Valleys
Gem 342- An Unfulfilled Prophecy

Gem 343- The Real Owner
Gem 344- Boring!
Gem 345- How Long is Forever?
Gem 346- Three's A Charm
Gem 347- Father's Discipline
Gem 348- Why Did God Choose Israel?
Gem 349- Family Feud
Gem 350- Stairway to Heaven
Gem 351- The Longest Wrestling Match
Gem 352- Israel's Big Mistake
Gem 353- Why are there Jews everywhere?
Gem 354- Measuring the Heavens
Gem 355- A Prophecy for Skeptics
Gem 356- Israel's Elimination
Gem 357- Divine Protection
Gem 358- The Purpose of the Great Tribulation

Gem 359- Moses' pre Israel Speech
Gem 360- King Messiah

Gem 361- Jerusalem...The Problem City
Gem 362- Bedouin Tribes
Gem 363- The Russian attack of Israel

Gem 364- Here come the Russians
Gem 365- Fishing with Yahweh

Gem 366- No gem at this time
Gem 367- Russia's End Time Allies
Gem 368- After The Gathering
Gem 369- The Coming Storm
Gem 370- The Calm Before The Storm
Gem 371- Joseph's Son
Gem 372- Paul and the Amillennialists
Gem 373- Here come the Russians and the Arabs
Gem 374- A Thousand Generations is here!
Gem 375- Bible Lies?
Gem 376- Yahweh the murderer?
Gem 377- The Longest Day
Gem 378- The Resurrection Question
Gem 379- God's Test / How do you know the Bible is real?
Gem 380- "Yom Yahweh"
Gem 381- The Losing Team
Gem 382- The Star Player
Gem 383- The Eastern Star
Gem 384- Yahweh's Team
Gem 385- The Light of the Millennial Kingdom
Gem 386- The Living Water
Gem 387- The Perfect Government
Gem 388- The Tower of Hananel
Gem 389- The Bloody City of Peace
Gem 390- The End of Worldly Dynasties
Gem 391- The One True God
Gem 392- An Astonishing Pattern
Gem 393- A New Day
Jesus The Criminal
Gem 394- God's Appearance to Skeptics
Gem 395- Knowing Him
Gem 396- Jesus had a schedule
Gem 397- Arresting God
Gem 398- The criminals get away plan

The Day of the Lord
Gem 400- The False Prophet from Galilee
Gem 401- The Prophet Arrives
Gem 402- The Messiah Arrives
Gem 403- Opinions Bad for Your Eyesight
Gem 404- The Power of Music
Gem 405- The Nations of the World vs. Jesus
Gem 407- God's Chains
Gem 408- Is our society really 'enlightened'?
Gem 409- The King of Zion
Gem 410- The Mystery of the Son
Gem 411- Your Inheritance...
Gem 412- The Rod of Iron
Gem 413- With Fear and Trembling
The First Extraterrestrial
Gem 414- The First Extraterrestrial
Gem 415- Out of this World
Gem 416- Kissing the Son
Gem 417- Not just another Greek philosophy
Gem 418- Real Disciples
Gem 419- The Lie
Gem 420- Personal or Physical?
Gem 421- Not Enough
Gem 422- The One who has seen...
Gem 423- Mocking the Son of God