These are the home pages.  You will find archived (prior sermons) audio and some video sermons on these sites.  This means that you can listen and/or watch sermons while you are on-line.  You can listen to them while you are doing other things.  Just get them going and open your browser again to open a new window.

Boulevard Park Church and Recent Sermons My home church.  Some sermons by Harry McDonald.  The current pastor is Marc Gronholz  
One Place  Different preachers at different times:  Swindoll, Sproul, Youssef, Jeremiah, Hart, Rainey, plus many more. oneplace.com


Radio Bible ClassToday’s devotional on-line  

Charles Stanley   Also on TV Ch 3,11,20 and 56  (Click on "Today on Radio", then if you wish, "Visit our Audio Archives.") 

Photo of Charles StanleyInTouch Ministries Grace to You

Sermons link to 

Grace to Youoneplace.com

Living Way  


Tony Evans


Church Channel    24 hour on-line church service programs.  Also check out on-line radio for other sermons live.   Church Channel Home Ravi Zacaharias     I found this as a link under Moody Bible Institute.  Haven’t listened to him.  
Desiring God  Go to Online Library-Online Audio

Harvest Ministries

  Greg Laurie

First Baptist Virtual Church  Interdenominational on-line church with music, drama… 

Calvary Fort Lauderdale

Pastor Bob Coy



 Many indexed short helps by Cynthia Tobias   A Matter of Style
Many indexed short helps by Cynthia Tobias   Can't Make Me