In the upper right hand corner of each window, you will see 3 boxes.  Inside the left box you will see "_" , to the right of that either a square or 2 squares, and then to the very right an "X."

The "_" "minimizes" the size of the window.  It takes it completely off the screen but keeps it immediately available.  To make it big again "maximize", look at the bottom middle of your screen and you will see it ready to open by clicking on one of the boxes.  There is one box with writing in it for each window that is open.

The square(s) tells whether or not the window is fully maximized or is ready to adjust to size.  If there is one square, that means that you can adjust the size of the window.  If there are 2 squares, then it is full size and to adjust the size of the window, click with your mouse on the 2 squares.  The window will change somewhat in size.

The "X" closes the window entirely.  If you are working in certain programs, you will be asked if you want to save the changes you made.

To change the size of the window, make sure you see only one square in the upper right side of your window.  Take your mouse and put it on any edge of the window.  The icon will change shape when you get right on the edge.  Push and hold the mouse button (usually the right one) and move the mouse the direction you want the window to change shape.  You can then move the whole window where you want it by moving the mouse icon to the top of the window where there is a bar of color.  Hold the mouse button down and drag the window where you want it.


















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