This is my computer information page.  I created it for two purposes.  One is to pass on tips that I have found that even some experienced computer users may not be aware of.  The more important reason however is to help novice users make much better use of their computers.  I have typed in answers that some users have asked me in order to help others. 

     Many people have helped me with ideas that have made computer usage easier.  I’m passing on items that I have found many people are not aware of that I have found quite helpful.  If you have any tips, feel free to e-mail me and I can include them.

    I have included an button on some pages.  This will allow you to listen to how to do a particular task without having to read the instructions at the same time.  You will need to have Windows Media Player which is free.  You can download it at Windows Media Home..  If the audio keeps looping and you want it to stop, just push the stop or pause key on your Media Player.

    To use this computer tips part of this website, use your mouse to click on the buttons on the left to move around to different topics.  The HOME button will send you back to the main page.

    Use this to search for computer topics.  Links to other categories may appear as well so just disregard those.

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