Click on the “Start” Button on the bottom left of the screen.  Then click on the “Search” or “Find” button.  Then push the “Files and Folders” button.  You can put in part or all of the file name, search by date, by type of file or any combination.  You can also search by text.  In other words if you typed a letter that you know had the name “George” in it; you can put the word in the text box and all the files on your computer that contain that word will appear!  If for example, there is a file you want to find a file you just saved, you can search by using the "date" part of the search and put in "1" day.


If you know where your file is and you need to get to it:

1)       Start at the “My Computer” or the “My Documents” icon on your desktop.

2)       Keep clicking on the folders until you find the file.  If you aren't sure how, read How a Computer is Laid Out.

3)       Click on the file and it will open.


















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