The button takes you to the place you just came from.  It won't be colored (useable) if you just opened the window and hadn't moved around yet.  The  button takes you up a level.  On this screen it would take you up a level so My Documents would be in the lower section and Drive C would be where My Documents is now.  Using the example above, it is like going from a file drawer to a file cabinet full of file drawers or from a file cabinet to a room full of file cabinets.

Think of it this way:  You were looking in a file drawer at a bunch of file folders with names on them.  When you push the button, it is like closing that file drawer and looking at the file cabinet with several file drawers with names on them.

When you click on one of the files on the screen (like My Photos), it is like looking at a file cabinet with several drawers with names on them and opening one of the drawers.  Now you are looking at a bunch of files with names on them.

      When you are looking for something on your computer and you know where you left it, you can search for it by room, cabinet, drawer… 

     If you don't know where it is you can use a Finding Information function.  

  So whether you are saving or finding a file, go through this procedure.

         1)       If you don’t see “My Documents” in the box near the top of the window that appears and you aren’t where you want to be

2)       click the on the folder, until “My Documents”  or the folder you want appears.

3)       Keep clicking on folders until you find the one you want.  (You can Create a new folder to save your information in)

4)       If you can’t find what you are looking for use the Finding Information function.  Then remember where it is stored so you can find it while you are in a document.


















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