I suggest having or creating specific places to store (Save) all your information.  I save all programs under the “Program Files” directory.  When downloading or adding programs, most programs will automatically do so.

     When saving other documents, I recommend saving them in the “My Documents” file.  There should be an Icon on your desktop called “My Documents.”  For tips on organizing folders see Creating Folders on this page

     Many times a program will automatically prompt you to the last place you stored information.  If it does not, here is how you access “My Documents” from within a program.


1)       Click “File”, then “Save As”

2)       then if you don’t see “My Documents” in the box near the top of the window that appears and you aren’t where you want to be

3)       click the up arrow on the folder, until “My Documents” appears.

4)       Keep clicking on folders until you find the one you want.  (You can Create a new folder to save your information in)

5)       or save it in an existing folder. 


















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