When browsing on the web, if you want to open a link and you’d like to easily come back to the page the link was on, use the right button on the mouse and select “Open in another window”

     If you want to copy a page you have open on the internet you can press “Ctrl-N”

     To print part of a page on the internet, see Printing.

      When using a search engine that gives many possibilities for the same word, it can be helpful to look at the actual web address under each possibility to determine which one you are really looking for.


     All the dark blue links in the left column will keep you on this page.  Purple links will take you to other pages in my web site.  The other links will take you to the other web site that you are looking for.

          If you want to keep this page open while you are searching sites on the internet, right click with your mouse on the link (the underlined words) and click on “Open in New Window.”  You can go back to this page by

     Clicking on the appropriate button on the bottom of your screen or,

     Closing or minimizing the screen you just opened.

If you don’t open a new window, you may come back to this page by pushing the “Back” button.

    Many of the links will directly open the page just by clicking on the icon.  I designed many links to open in a new page without having to right click and "Open in new window."


SENDING ME (or anyone) A LINK

1)       Go to the top of the website where it says “Address”

2)       Right click and click “Copy”

3)       Click on my e-mail address rick@gotohigherground.com.

4)       In the body of the e-mail, right click and click “Paste.”



1)       Put your mouse anywhere on the web page that is not a link

2)       Right click

3)       Click “Add to Favorites” or “Create Shortcut” (Creating a shortcut will put an icon on your desktop) 

4)       Favorites gives you a place to keep your favorite sites.  See Creating Folders.  The web page addresses (links) that you put in the link category of your Favorites section will show up on your explorer toolbar for easy access.

5)       OR…  If you think it is a site that other people would like, send it to me and you’ll find it on my link page.



          There are two ways to do so,  Either

1)         use the most common links in the left column,

2)         To find a specific link on this or any other web page, if you are using Explorer, use the Control and “F” key together, and enter a word that you would expect to be in a link that you are looking for.  If the first one it comes up with isn’t right, use the “Find Next” tab)


















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