CUT/ COPY/PASTE/PRINT     When selecting an area to cut, paste or print, it can at times be cumbersome to use the mouse.  Instead you may push F8 then use the cursor and/or page keys to select the area.


OPENING SEVERAL PROGRAMS AT ONCE     You can open as many programs at a time as your computer memory allows.  See CHECK MEMORY.  You can open more than one program by:

1)       Minimizing “_” the current screen so you can see the desktop, or…

2)       Click on the blue cornered icon with a pencil in the upper right corner.

3)       Then just start a new program.

4)       Switch between programs by using the icons on the bottom middle of the page.


CHECK MEMORY     To check the available memory at any time:

1)       Click on “My computer”

2)       In the middle of the opened window right click

3)       Click properties

4)       Click performance

5)       Read the percentage available next to System Resources.  It should be well over 25%.  You will always be below 100% because the operating system uses memory.  If your memeory is low after just starting the computer, there are probably too many programs opening up in the starting of your computer.  Have someone who knows what they are doing help you in deleting programs that start when you turn your computer on.



1)       Click on the "Start" button at the bottom left of the screen.

2)       Click on "Programs"

3)       Click on "Accessories"

4)       Click on "System Tools"

5)       Click on Maintenance Wizard and follow the instructions.



















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