Financial Planning Excel Spreadsheet   Updated 6/23/08


Dow 30 Stocks     Comprehensive research on the Dow Stocks

Money Mutual Fund Finder    Gives names of mutual funds based on your preferences.

CNNFN  Futures prices for the indexes    CBS-After hours     stock prices

MRCI  Detailed futures prices


Quicken     Track and analyze your stocks in an easy to use portfolio.  

Real Time stock quotes (free registration)


CHARTS Live Charts  Current charts on the NASDAQ, DOW and S&P.  Stocks 20 minutes delayed.  Only active for about 5 minutes without subscription.

Big Charts     Detailed charts that offer great versatility and comparisons to indexes.

Look Ahead Charts     One week predictor   Stock Market Studio     Predictor 

Stock Charts     Technical chart analysis


CRASH Chart     This chart compares the 1929, 1987 and 1997 crashes.

My note: (The 2001 crash of the NASDAQ is greater and that of the S&P is equivalent.)

Microsoft Stock News Article     If you own stocks at all, you need to read this fun short article.



Bob Brinker                                              Yardeni                                          Drudge Report



Bloomberg      CBS Marketwatch      CNN         CNBC        Individual Investor        Motley Fool       Quote

Quicken        Redherring         Smartmoney            Smart Portfolio        Stock Market Studio         Yahoo  



A B Watley       Ameritrade     Ameritrade, Inc     Datek            Schwab            Scottrade           Waterhouse         Zacks



Amerix     A debt management company.  (I do not know anything about it.)

Bankrate     Bank Rate Monitor lists the best deals on credit cards nationwide.

Cardtrak Another site that offers consumers shopping for credit information about rates and perks.

Getsmart This site lets you enter information about the type of loan you're looking for and gives you referrals to potential lenders.

Busi   QQQ trading


Professional Mortgage     Real Estate Loans- Competitive interest rates and top service.


Consumer Credit Counseling of SF     Lots of links for consumer financial issues.

Wages by Occupation and State     Detailed government site


BECU     Boeing Employees Credit Union

Washington Mutual On Line Banking


Last Will and Testament

Washington State Probate and Trust Law

Washington State Will Requirements





Teaching Kids That Saving Money Isnít Obsolete      April 28, 2001

Motley Fool- Sell and cut your losses.    Sept 28, 2001  Note: By Oct. 11, 2001 most of these stocks up 25-150%

Money.cnn   November 6, 2002  It is still a bear marketÖ (Letís see how this prediction plays out)


Rickís Financial Pages:  Coming soonÖ  Information, charts, ideas on how to get out of where you donít want to be to where you want to be financially.

King County Nutrition  Recipes for healthy low-cost meals



Bankrate     Loan calculator includes benefits of making extra payments.

Hugh     Technical Financial Calculations

Student Loan Calculator                Auto Loan Calculator                 Dinkytown Auto Loan Calculator


Will Forms  Here is the most simple one Iíve seen.  There are plenty more available at other sites.  All Law Will Form  Click for more forms. All Law-More forms.


Roth IRA    Roth IRA Information  There is no reason to purchase an IRA from this site.


More Information     See my Financial Link Section of Rickís Favorite Page. 


















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