What is gotohigherground all about?   Find out below.


   This site has been designed to be an alternative home page with easy search capabilities especially for those new to the internet.  You'll find hundreds of links to commonly searched sites.  In addition to several hundred categorized links is a comprehensive  Real Estate information site, hundreds of Christian links, and a computer support section especially for novice users.  



Computer Tips: gives step by step help for novice users and some tips for pros.  Most of what you'll find here are tips for use of the internet and windows and how to interact with existing programs on your computer.  Most experienced users will learn something in the advanced section.
Christian Links: for those looking for on-line sermons, churches, para-church organizations, activities, entertainment, singles information or most anything else Christian.
Real Estate links and on-line learning for buyers and sellers alike.  Buyers will find the on line 12 step program invaluable.  In this section you'll also find enjoyable information about regions in the South King County area.  
Links includes some of my favorite links.  You will  also have access to several hundred links to useful and enjoyable sites organized into topics.  There are no ads on this site, pop up or otherwise!

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