I want this to be a very child friendly site.  I have gone to the homepage of every link before including it.  There is no objectionable material on any of the pages linked to in this site nor are there any links on the homepages of these links to any objectionable material.  I have had 2 times that I have gone to pages I had previously linked that were completely safe (One traffic cam site and a Hawaii cam site.) that somehow were no longer in use and had been changed to a porn site.  At this time all the links should be safe.  Unless you have filters installed on your computer, nothing is totally safe.

    The only links I would have concerns about would be the song lyric links found in the Entertainment section and the pictures part of the download section.  Search engines like Google and Lycos allow image searching.  They have filters that you can set.  Those can be easily "unset" by the user so they aren't necessarily foolproof for your child.  I would like to hear from you regarding your suggestions on this.  The only solution I can come up with right now would be to have those links on a separate page that I would give out only on receiving a phone call from an adult.  The lyrics to today’s songs are so disgusting that I would not want my children reading them.  I have included these sites so parents can find out what their kids are listening to and help them find positive music.  I found these pages a very valuable resource.     


















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