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   I have designed this site to be an alternative home page with easy search capabilities especially for those new to the internet.   This site includes easy to find links with descriptions for most anything you may want to find on the internet.


Computer Tips: gives step by step help for novice users and some tips for pros.  Most of what you'll find here are tips for use of the internet and windows and how to interact with existing programs on your computer.  Most experienced users will learn something in the advanced section.
Christian Links: for those looking for on-line sermons, churches, para-church organizations, activities, entertainment, singles information or most anything else Christian.
Real Estate links and on-line learning for buyers and sellers alike.  Buyers will find the on line 12 step program invaluable.  In this section you'll also find enjoyable information about regions in the South King County area.  
Links includes some of my favorite links.  You will  also have access to several hundred links to useful and enjoyable sites organized into topics.  There are no ads on this site, pop up or otherwise!

    I started the link pages for myself.  I found it much easier to use than using "Favorites."  Every time I found a web site that was interesting or useful, I added that site.  It took me quite a while at times to find good sites so it has been a big help to access these sites quickly again through the link pages within this site.  I have found that certain sites are much easier to use than others so I have put those on the home page.  Other sites under the same topic can be accessed by clicking on the topic name either on the page or the list on the left.  There are more directions below. Browse around for a while and I believe you will find as I have; that this site is useful and enjoyable.


    There are several I have for this site.  I want people to have a alternative homepage, and provide a place for:


    Your homepage is the one that appears when you access the internet. Read through the below information or print it if you wish. Then click here to open the main page. These instructions work to set your home page for whatever you wish it to be. For the main link page click here to open it and then follow the instructions below. This page will remain open. You will see it at the bottom of your screen.

In your browser, go to the top of the screen  

Click on .

 You will then see.

Click on Internet Options


When you click on the tab, your homepage will be reset to the page you are on.


    The link list on the left will take you throughout the site.  Each one takes you to a different topic as will clicking on the topics in the middle of the page.  The dark blue ones take you to a complete new page.  Clicking on the HOME link will take you to the main page.  The purple icons at the top will take you directly to my favorite site in that category.  It will open in a new page.  This allows quick searching for common uses.

    To reach any site, just click on the icon for that site.  Much of the time it will automatically open in a new page, making it easy for you to come back to the main site to search for something else.  Usually to do that on the internet, you would need to right click and then select "Open in new window."

You can search the entire site by entering a word or two.  

These are the four basic sections of the site.

Popular links, Real Estate, Christian links, and Computer Tips.  Each of those will take you to a complete new page with a new left set of pages to access.  The home button will always take you back to the page on the right.




   When I decided to have a domain name, I talked to my friend Jim Scott who runs and he suggested that I get a .com rather than a .net, .org or other suffix.  He sent me to a site Domain names that I could try names I would like to find out if those names were available.   Wow, most of them were taken.  I wanted a name that could have some relation to my work and the Christian links available.  It is a stretch but in Real Estate, it is good to go to higher ground to get a better view, or to stay out of flood zones.  As a Christian, we need to take the higher ground both here on earth and ultimately the highest ground in heaven!

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