A buyer does not normally pay for the services of a real estate agent.  Even if a buyer chooses to employ an agent as a buyers agent and pays them, the cost is normally similar.  It is unusual in a profession to pay the same for the best as for the worst.  Agents need to be qualified, experienced and have integrity to give the best service.  I believe I meet those criteria and would be glad to talk with you.  CONTACT RICK.

WHY?  Normally the most difficult part of my job is dealing with unscrupulous and or inexperienced agents.  If I am working for a buyer, I many times have to work with them, many times do the work for them because they represent the seller.  This also happens when I represent a seller and an agent brings an offer that is poorly written and will not protect my seller. 

   I refer people around the country to agents that I have never met.  I have come up with certain criteria I use to find that qualified agent.  I interview the manager and then the agent.  I have had 100% success with the agents that I have referred buyers and seller to.  

   "The turn over rate is about 80 percent mortality for real estate agents in the first 24 months."A Real Estate Career.com

   High production is a beneficial quality but it doesn't necessarily mean that an agent is good.  They can be dishonest and do a poor job at what they do.  They may just have a very good contact base and have the kind of personality that attracts people to them.

   I'm going to use some percentages as examples.  If 60% of the agents have over 2 years experience and 50% of those agents are competent and 75% of those are for the most part honest,  then 22% (60%*50%*75%=22%) would have all three qualities.  I know agents that would put this number at closer to 10%.

   If you are making one of the largest decisions in your life, I believe it makes sense to choose wisely who will help you.