A qualified agent can either e-mail you or send you a list of houses in your price range that meet the basic criteria you desire.  You should receive the address, price, pictures and all the other pertinent information you would want.  You can then be updated either on a particular time interval, for instance weekly or right away when a house is listed that meets your criteria.  

WHY?  Many times people look through the newspaper or several websites looking for the right home.  This can be much more time consuming and also will require sifting through the houses that don't meet the criteria.  Ads are written to make the phone ring.  Normally the bad part of the house is left out.  For example, houses in poor neighborhoods make good ads because buyers understandably so, would like to get as much house a they can for their money.  The ads written on those houses will include criteria not normally available in the buyers price range because of those particular locations.

    It is important to point out that all you can tell about a house from the outside is what the outside looks like and what the neighborhood is like.  At the same time, it is a great way to sift out neighborhoods that you wouldn't consider.  It also helps to give a buyer an idea what is realistic.  

I have set up a Hotmail account housestosee@hotmail.com for those who don't have access to their own e-mail account at the moment.  I can send you listings and give you a password to access those listings.  The hotmail account can be accessed from any computer.