July 7, 2003 Home Sales in Western Washington Rise Sharply From Year Ago

May 28, 2003 Your home's past, present and future value CNN  Nationwide 5 year statistics with 1 year projections.

April 6, 2003  Home and real estate calendar

April 5, 2003 Can late payment prevent new home loan

April 5, 2003 No wartime halt for homebuyers

March 30, 2003 Is it OK to remodel a garage into a room-

March 23, 2003 Liability for tree damage depends on tree's health

March 6, 2003 Housing market kicks into high gear for active February

February 23, 2003 In uneven real-estate market, West Seattle and South King County win

February 23, 2003 Mortgage-insurance tax write-off- It's picking up momentum again

February 7, 2003 Big urban playground for south of downtown-

January 19, 2003 Appraisal off base- FHA proposal targets lenders

January 17, 2003  Home sales strong, prices up 6.3 percent in King County

January 12, 2003 The great debate- moving vs. remodeling

December 29, 2002 King County new-home prices will reflect sharp rise in near future









May 10, 2001  Home Sales Strong in April; King County Dip (Seattle Times)

May 13, 2001 The Big Picture on Home Sales (Seattle Times)

May 13, 2001 Higher the price, slower to sell

May 13,2001 Cancel PMI if you can

July 11, 2001 Buildup in Home Sales- June figures up.

July 15, 2001 Test your GFCI to prevent electrocution  










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