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Alki - Now and Then
Thumbnail History Well written article about West Seattle origins. Denny Party scouts arrive at mouth of Duwamish River on September 25, 1851. Collins party encounters Denny party scouts at Duwamish Head on September 27, 1851. Low and Terry select claims at Alki Point on September 28, 1851.
Denny party lands at Alki Point on November 13, 1851. Charles Terry opens first store in future King County no later than November 28, 1851. Charles Terry homesteads site of Alki business district on May 1, 1852. West Seattle Beginnings: Alki Post Office opens on April 29, 1854.
West Seattle business district site first claimed for settlement in 1865. William Ladd makes first purchase of site of future West Seattle business district on November 1, 1869. West Seattle beginnings: West Seattle Post Office opens on August 6, 1889. Seattle celebrates its 54th birthday by unveiling plaques and dedicating the Alki Point monument on November 13, 1905.
City of Seattle annexes six towns including Ballard and West Seattle in 1907. Second Spokane Street drawbridge over the Duwamish Waterway is completed in 1907. Third Spokane Street drawbridge is completed on May 14, 1917. First bascule bridge at Spokane Street is completed in December 1924.