If you want to “Insert” a picture or clipart into your Word Document:

1)     Click “Insert” at the top of your page

2)     Click “Picture”

3)     Click  “From File” for a picture or “Clipart”

4)     Click on the file you want

5)     Click “Insert”

6)     For help finding your picture go to Moving Around



     If you don't have a photo editor, you could download a free one from the internet  or buy one.  If you have WORD, it will work to resize and edit a picture for a one time printing.  In other words, if you save a picture after working on it, it will be saved as a Word Document.  In WORD, you can crop, resize, reshape, and change the brightness among other things.  The help function in WORD will help you.  I'll give the basics here.

1)  Click on the picture somewhere.  You will see little boxes appear at the corners and one on each side.  To keep the picture proportional, use only the corner boxes.

2)  Put your mouse over a corner box and you will see a diagonal line with arrows.  Push and hold the mouse button and drag the mouse to make the picture either larger or smaller.  There should be a ruler at the top of the page so you can get an idea of what size the picture will be.


















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