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    Spend 1/2 to 3 hours in the house and do your best with your agents help to determine the overall condition of the house.  Look for the following items:


Roof and gutter condition.

Dirt touching the wood siding.

Look under the house for dampness.

Push down on the bathroom floors near the toilets and bathtubs with your heel or the balls of your feet.

    If you find some issues, bring them up right away so as not to waste your time and money doing an inspection if the seller won't be reasonable.



    Drive through the neighborhood.  Pay attention to how the neighbors as a whole keep their properties kept up.  Be aware that you will find run down properties in high class neighborhoods.  The pattern is more important unless the run down property is next door or across the street.  Here is the key:   Talk to some neighbors.  Ask about issues that concern you.


Belligerent neighbors



Commute time

Friendly neighbors

Lack of kids

Loud music

Noisy dogs

Noise from planes, trains, businesses, traffic, etc.

Overly friendly neighbors



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    Here are some links to information about homes that may be helpful.  These links are from a Canadian firm.  Much of the information is applicable.


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