If you find a picture you want to store on your computer on the internet,

1)       right click on the picture

2)       , click “Save Picture As”

3)       , then rename it if you want by typing in the “File Name” box

4)       click on the folder you want to save it.  (For help see Saving Information and Creating Folders above.

5)       then click on the “Save” key.  


If you want to change the appearance of a picture and you don't have a Photo Editor, click here to use WORD to do so for a one time print.

Otherwise, download  for free.  It has a great slideshow program and will resize and change the appearance of pictures.  However it won't resize them to print except through the print function of your printer.  To find out if your printer will do so, go to WORD, insert a picture.  If you don't know how click here and then come back for the rest of the instructions.  Go to File, then Print.  On the print screen click on Properties.  Look for anything that says Print Preview.  Click on the box to enable.  Then go back and continue with the print process.  The preview screen may allow you to change the size of the picture before printing.  If so, IRFANVIEW will work well for you.


















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